Sunday, March 7, 2010

@ Watson Lk & Cliffs, Poudre R 3/6/10

Watson Lk 3/6/10; wtf; Fishing Hole @ Poudre R; Spill-way; Dam; HS

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fishing, For the Birds, Too: Poudre River

Bald Eagle perched atop
a tree overhanging
a pond.
Kingfisher perched at
stump of a beaver-
felled tree, Poudre R.
Great Blue Heron
perched on a log at
pond adjacent to
Poudre River.

Swan at City Park Lake at Springtime

Swan escorted by a pair
of Mallard Ducks.
Swan displaying it's
beautiful plumage.

Wild Flowers: Poudre River Bottoms

Lavender flowers lit up
by a shaft of sunlight.
A Leafhopper visiting
a bush of pink wild

Springtime Wildflowers Along Poudre R.

Sky blue flowers.
Crimson buds & white
flowers with yellow
Bumblebee visiting a
Clump of wild

Poudre R. Flora & Fauna in Crosshairs of Technology

Falcon perched atop
canopy of Poudre R.
Mule Deer sheltered
in brush beneath
canopy of Poudre R.
Machines of
technology of Man.