Friday, April 2, 2010

Eagle, Perched Up Poudre R, Roots for Trout Jumping Dam

Eagle, perched atop
dead tree overhanging
Poudre River,
above Watson Lake
diversion dam
Two trout in the act of
jumping Watson Lake
diversion dam,
Poudre River

Upturned Stump: Poudre River Still Life

Upturned stump @ pond
by Poudre River
Upturned stump root

Looking for a Rabbit Hole: Poudre River

Yucca plant &

busted ties

Wood mushrooms on

beaver-felled log

Tree of Life: Poudre R Spring Time

Tree of Life
.Surrounded in fog
.Partly cloudy sky
.Kingfisher darts past
too quickly to be
captured on film?